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Magnolia Cajun Band 
                       What some of the fine folks are saying about Magnolia

In true Louisiana tradition, they simply create a party wherever they go,for more than a decade, this Yankee band has earned a reputation in the norhteastern states as a spirted, get-on-your-feet-inducing troupe, performing an authentic Cajun repertoire...

        - Linda J. Morris   Dirty Linen Folk and World Music

Best of all, Magnolia Cajun Band's music is dance-enticing, anytime, any place.
           -Dan Willng (Denver CO)     
              Dirty Linen

" Jolie Coeur".It is an excellent piece of work.
         -Larry Miller   
         Prix Dehors Chairman

The septet may not be from around here, but their feel for tempo and touch willl have you believing that they have Mamou in their blood. Their music is brimming with both scholarship good feelings.
        -Jim Macnie  Providence Phoenix

On Manolia's performance at the Seekonk Concert Series
A swinging time in Seekonk
            Providence Journal